Nutriz is a one-man organization active in the field of health and nutrition. I founded Nutriz in 2014 in order to professionalize my interest in nutrition.

My name is Dennis Zeilstra and with a master’s degree in Engineering 12005, University of Twente, The Netherlands I have been trained in analytical thinking and adopted a pragmatic approach. For the past decade I have been working as a R&D lead engineer in aerospace. By the end of 2018, I decided to follow my passion for nutrition and made a career switch. Since then I am working in for two companies that are active in the field of probiotics and microbiome.

Within Nutriz my focus is on the science behind nutritional guidelines and nutritional knowledge. In my thinking I value the insights provided by philosophy of science, and ask questions like ‘what is knowledge?‘, ‘how do we gain understanding?’, and ‘what do we know about nutrition?‘. There seems to be a large gap between the status of knowledge in the field of physics and that of nutritional science, and in my view these kind of questions may help to advance the latter.

Using an epistemological approach I write about nutritional science in web-articles and study the topic at a scientific level as an independent researcher.

Overview of relevant activities and publications

  • D. Zeilstra, J. A. Younes, R. J. Brummer, and M. Kleerebezem, “Perspective: Fundamental Limitations of the Randomized Controlled Trial Method in Nutritional Research: The Example of Probiotics,” Adv Nutr, vol. 9, no. 5, pp. 561–571, Sep. 2018.
  • Lecturing: part of the course Philosophy of Nutrition (2017)
  • Publication: several mainly epistemically flavored web-articles on (a leading Dutch platform for food professionals)
  • Education: course on Orthomolecular Nutrition (2013-2014)
  • Education: course on Basic Medical Knowledge (2011-2012)

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1. 2005, University of Twente, The Netherlands